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LAUSD restores full academic year and full pay – latimes.com

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The Los Angeles school board swiftly voted Tuesday to restore a full academic year — and full pay for employees — a week after California voters approved a revenue measure that protects schools and universities from further budget cuts this year.

More controversial were two resolutions before the Board of Education with potential effects for charter schools — one sought more oversight and the other to charge fees when charters claim more space on traditional campuses than they need.

The first resolution failed; the other passed in a form more affordable for charters.

After a brief presentation from L.A. schools Supt. John Deasy, the board voted 7 to 0, without discussion, to increase the academic year for students from 175 to the full 180 days. In the same action, employees won back 10 days of lost pay, the positive fallout from voter approval of Proposition 30, a temporary tax increase.

“The immediate good news,” Deasy said, is “the ability to finally say to our employees: You work a whole year and you get paid a whole year.”

For students and parents, the restored school days will be added to the second semester. In the short term that means there will be a one-week holiday for Thanksgiving, starting on the previous Monday.

Deasy said it would be too disruptive to families to revise the fall schedule.

He had been prepared for a more gloomy post-election denouement, including a school year shortened by 20 days, but “the terrible reality of immediate cuts” will not occur because voters approved Proposition 30, Deasy said.

via LAUSD restores full academic year and full pay – latimes.com.

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