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The U.S. Started A Worldwide Cyberwar – Business Insider

October 22, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

In a world where you can watch cyberattacks happen in real-time, it’s no wonder that nation-states are doing little to hide the cyber arms race and low-grade cyberwar that’s taking place.

However, what’s surprising is that the country leading the charge — the U.S. — may also be the one with the most to lose.

“There is a world of bytes and a world of atoms, and increasingly the world of bytes is driving the world of atoms,” Dr. Jarno Limnell, director of cyber security at Stonesoft, told us. “This is a whole new capability for these state-actors — previously there was no way to touch the U.S.”

Limnell painted a picture in which America’s traditionally overwhelming military force could be rendered obsolete by a keyboard.

“Almost all weapons systems today run on some kind of software,” Limnell said. “Missiles are very useful if you can launch them, if you can’t launch them, they are useless. Lose power in the bits world, and you lose power in the physical world.”

We’re already seeing the non-military aspects of this reality.

Siobhan Gorman of WSJ reports that a government-backed group of Iranian hackers called the Qassam Cyber Fighters have sustained an assault on U.S. banks for five weeks—even after announcing its plans to attack in advance.

via The U.S. Started A Worldwide Cyberwar – Business Insider.

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