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More Money Than They Know What to Do With – NYTimes.com

It is a $1 trillion game: Use It or Lose It.

The private equity world is sitting on that 13-figure sum. It’s what the industry calls dry powder. If they don’t spend their cash pile snapping up acquisitions soon, they may have to return it to their investors.

Nearly $200 billion from funds raised in 2007 and 2008 alone needs to be spent in the next 12 months or it must be given back.

Private equity executives, after spending the last several years largely on the sidelines amid the economic uncertainty – often proclaiming “patience” as an explanation – have begun to be anxious that they may need to go on a shopping spree. At least two major private equity firms, according to two executives involved in the discussions, have held internal strategy sessions in recent weeks about how to approach the looming deadline.

Some private equity firms have put the word out to Wall Street banks that they want to go “elephant hunting” – seeking big deals worth as much as $10 billion – and are willing to pay a special bounty for bringing them acquisition targets.

At least one firm has gone so far as to begin contemplating asking its investors, which include the nation’s largest pension funds, to extend the deadline for the money to be spent in return for certain concessions on fees. (Of course, they don’t return the fees that have been collected thus far).

via More Money Than They Know What to Do With – NYTimes.com.

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