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Medical building went missing from L.A. County tax rolls – latimes.com

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The Prospect South Bay Medical Center in Redondo Beach is home to dozens of doctors’ offices — cardiologists, obstetricians and an urgent care center.

But for three years, the $11-million, 47,000-square-foot building disappeared from the Los Angeles County tax rolls. During that time, county officials acknowledge, they never sent a tax bill to the owner.

The assessor’s office forwarded the case of the missing building and 14 other questionable assessments to the Los Angeles County district attorney last month following inquiries from The Times.

Prosecutors are in the midst of an influence-peddling probe of the county assessor’s office, examining hundreds of properties suspected of getting illegal tax reductions from a former county appraiser.

Assessor officials said they could not explain why one of those buildings vanished from the roll.

“That’s the kind of question I find myself asking a lot,” said Santos Kreimann, who took charge of the assessor’s office after a criminal probe into the department prompted Assessor John Noguez to take a paid leave of absence.

The medical building vanished from the rolls in 2005, 2006 and 2007. In 2008, the county discovered the problem and sent a bill for $330,000 in unpaid taxes to the building’s owner, Prospect South Bay Ltd. The firm leases the land from the Beach Cities Health District, a public agency.

Among the other properties the assessor forwarded to prosecutors were Mercedes-Benz of South Bay, the Marriott Manhattan Beach resort and the Cheesecake Factory restaurant in Marina del Rey.

via Medical building went missing from L.A. County tax rolls – latimes.com.

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