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Republicans Democrats Race – Business Insider

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One of the most important stories in American politics–a story that many people are uncomfortable talking about–is the extent to which our two main political parties are dividing along racial lines.

Pew ResearchThe Republican party is overwhelmingly white–87%, according to a recent Pew survey.

The Democratic party, meanwhile, is much more diverse: Only 55% white.

The country as a whole, meanwhile, is now about 66% white (excluding white Hispanics).

As the graphic at right shows (click for larger), the Republican party has not been able to expand beyond its almost-entirely-white constituency over the past 12 years.

In 2000, Pew says, the Republican party was 88% white, 2% black, 7% hispanic, and 2% “other.” Twelve years later, these percentages have barely changed: The party is now 87% white, 2% black, 6% hispanic, and 4% “other.” The only Republican racial constituency that grew, in other words, was “other.”

The Democrats, meanwhile, have become more racially diverse–just as the overall country has. In 2000,  64% of Democrats were white, 21% were black, 11% were hispanic, and 4% were “other.” Now, 55% are white, 24% are black, 13% are hispanic, and 7% are “other.”

Unless the Republican party can begin to expand beyond white voters, its racial makeup will become more and more of a liability in the coming years. Although whites are still a majority, America is becoming steadily less white, and hispanics in particular are growing rapidly.

This racial difference between the parties was on full view at the conventions last month. Here are some crowd shots taken during two primetime speeches.

via Republicans Democrats Race – Business Insider.

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