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Allegations Of Forced Drugging At Guantanamo – Business Insider

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Some documents provided by U.S. authorities at Guantánamo are to be kept secret, but defense affidavits confirmed that detainees were forced to take high dosages of the controversial anti-malaria drug mefloquine despite showing no signs of the disease, according to SMH.

Army doctor Remington Nevin told SMH that administering the drug in high doses to people who don’t have malaria would be akin to “pharmacologic waterboarding,” adding that high doses of the drug can cause brain injuries.

Josh Dratel, a Gitmo guard and New York lawyer who has top secret security clearance from the Justice Department, reportedly planned to provide evidence that several detainees were forced into ”non-therapeutic” drugging and that U.S. prosecutors had admitted to forcibly drugging Hicks.

David Oten of the Office of the Secretary of Defense told Business Insider that they couldn’t comment on specific cases without the court documents, but there are “decisions that [detainees] don’t get to make” in regards to medications, including malaria medications.

In June Truthout revealed that antimalarial medications were used in experimental research under the CIA’s covert human research program and that a key Defense Department expert on antimalarial drugs was a psychiatrist who trained personnel for Guantánamo interrogations.

via Allegations Of Forced Drugging At Guantanamo – Business Insider.

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