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The Future Of Amazon: Ambitious, Diverse, And Expansive – Seeking Alpha

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In less than 20 years, the feats accomplished by Seattle’s Amazon (AMZN) are simply astounding and, curiously, often taken for granted. It is the world’s largest online retailer, a master of logistics, an oracle of computing power, a wrangler of digital content, a beacon of customer service and reviews, and even innovative when it comes to conceiving handheld electronic devices. In terms of what can be reasonably expected of a business at its scale, Amazon has not only lived up to its namesake as a massive force of nature, but also its mythology as fierce warriors, waging battles along multiple fronts with remarkable dexterity.

For context, let’s briefly revisit how Amazon has evolved since its origin. It began as a destination to buy books, and eventually other media. It then offered marketplace services for online retailers and/or individuals (similar to eBay), while simultaneously selling other physical goods for homes, offices, cars, and and beyond. During the shift to online retail, Amazon excelled by harnessing web data to optimize price, locating warehouses to optimize logistics, and experimenting with delivery models (e.g. “Prime”) to segment its consumers, all the while providing trust through customer service and reviews. In its second decade, Amazon maintained its roots while becoming a player in the market for digital media, cloud computing services, and, most recently, manufacturing its own handheld electronic devices, a dizzying amount of diverse and complicated business lines to be committed to, and yet it continues to hum along, executing its way to a $100B+ market cap and an extremely bright future.

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