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Quantum chip offers ‘security guaranteed by the laws of physics’ – 04 Sep 2012 – Computing News

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Scientists from the University of Bristol have developed a quantum silicon chip that they say guarantees “absolute security” for computers and smartphones. The technology could be available commercially in less than five years.

Unlike conventional chips, the quantum chip runs on photons – particles of light – instead of electrons, allowing it to perform tasks that aren’t possible for regular computers. Doctor Mark Thompson, deputy director of the Centre for Quantum Photonics at the University of Bristol, told Computing this has huge benefits for computing security.

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“In terms of communications we can use these quantum technologies to allow two people to communicate with each other with absolute security – I like to say security guaranteed by the laws of physics.

“It’s a completely different way of communicating; it’s not encrypted in the same sort of sense as a secure communication link. We’re actually encoding information in quantum states and transmitting that,” he added.

“It basically means if anyone tries to listen into that message then you know. If someone tries to measure your quantum state you can tell that’s actually happened.”

With the quantum chip, detection of security breaches happens at a photon level allowing a hack to easily and immediately be detected and prevented.

“We can monitor the system and in effect a red flag will go up when you know someone’s trying to tap into your system and because we do this at the single photon level it’s really obvious to see when someone is trying to tap your information,” said Thompson, adding that while quantum communication is available now, logistics limits its use to a handful of organisations such as the military.

The University of Bristol’s research will allow this technology to become commercially available, with several high-profile tech corporations already backing it.

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