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Why Los Angeles Is Emerging As The Next Silicon Valley – Forbes

Ask an entrepreneur or venture capitalist to name the center of technology entrepreneurship and they’d probably all say the same thing—Silicon Valley. For the past three decades the region has had a lock on the creation of dominant technology companies, from silicon to search to social.

Ask the same group to name the next Silicon Valley and you are likely to hear a variety of answers. Some will offer up New York. Others stick with Boston and New England. But if we project forward based on trends in the data and structural advantages, it is Los Angeles that is emerging as the next Silicon Valley. Over the last three years the Los Angeles region has quietly built momentum, establishing the foundation to become the next hub for technology entrepreneurship.

For the better part of the last two decades, Southern California and New England have traded roles as runner up to Silicon Valley. In 1995, before the Internet bubble was in full swing, Southern California attracted $1.3 billion of venture capital investment, second only to Silicon Valley with $1.8 billion. New England was a distant third with $0.8 billion. In this era, Southern California was a clear number 2. By 1999, the promise of the Internet attracted a new crop of entrepreneurs to Silicon Valley and investment in the region skyrocketed nearly 10-fold. During the same period, New England grew quickly and edged out Southern California as the next most attractive area for venture capitalists to invest and for the following five years, New England laid undisputed claim to the runner up title.

via Why Los Angeles Is Emerging As The Next Silicon Valley – Forbes.

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