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Why Half Of Brooklyn Hates The New Barclay’s Center Stadium – Business Insider

Here’s some of the reasons why people loathe the Barclays center:

The entire $4 billion project would use $1.6 billion in public funding.

Oppenents claim that the project would abuse the state’s power of eminent domain — “taking private property from one owner to give to a private entity for a private use, instead of a public use,” according to the DDDB. In fact, in a brief filed with the New York State Court of Appeals, a handful of opponents of the project claim as many as 2,929 could be “indirectly” displaced.

Locals fear the stadium will bring an influx of traffic and tourists, threatening the world-famous Brooklyn atmosphere. The newly revamped Atlantic Station and the entire Atlantic Yards project could create similar problems. Just look at the congestion around Madison Square Garden and Penn Station.

Astronomical housing prices in Manhattan have pushed young professionals and creatives into Brooklyn. Locals fear that the project will drive up housing prices and extinguish these cultural hubs. Meanwhile some businesses in the area have already closed shop due to rising prices.

A lot of residents think it’s ugly, and some go as far as calling the Barclays center an “eyesore.”  The facade of the building is covered in Cor-Ten — a type of weathering steel. While it is popular among architects, it can look “unfinished,” and rusty. It also tends to drip relatively early compared to other types of steel, and leaves a rusty residue on the pavement below. It could get “really funky looking” a materials expert at the architecture firm Jan Hord Pokorny Associates told the NYTimes.

Not all believe that the Barclays Center is a step towards the demise of Brooklyn. Approximately 2,000 jobs will be created as a direct result of the stadium.

The stadium’s presence could also help bring patrons and additional business to restaurants, bars, and shops in the area and indeed the whole city. Meanwhile plenty people and businesses would cash in on rising rents in the area.

via Why Half Of Brooklyn Hates The New Barclay’s Center Stadium – Business Insider.

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